Group Companies

We trade and import all types of green coffee and also all primary processed products such as vaporized, decaffeinated, mild-treated and blended coffees. These products are supplied by our sister company NKG Kala Hamburg.

We are certified members of Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest and Organic Coffees, therefore being able to provide our customers with these Certified Coffees.

The contact with our exporters is permanent, and we try to make our customers profit from this flow of information.


In addition to our trade and import operations we provide our expertise in services such as logistics, pricing, quality control, futures reporting and market research for our customers.

Quality control is one of our priorities. Coprocafé Ibérica has a modern laboratory provided with all the equipment needed for green coffee evaluation, roasting and cup tasting.

With our facilities and our qualified staff, we are constantly welcoming our customers for cupping sessions, towards designing new blends and sample evaluations.

Coprocafé Ibérica ensures you a full range of reliable services in the green coffee chain.