Coprocafé Ibérica

Green coffee is our passion.

Coprocafé Ibérica

Green coffee is our passion.

Our Business is Our passion

The company was founded as Coprocafé S.A. in 1981, one year after the liberalization of the coffee trade in Spain and changed its name to Coprocafé Ibérica S.A. in 2000.

Coprocafe Ibérica is the premier supplier of green coffee beans to roasters across Spain and Portugal and a customer-focused provider of services across the supply chain.

We are more than 15 professionals related with the different areas in the green coffee business such us, financial, trade, insurance, supply chain, quality control and sustainability.

Our team members are continuously developing their coffee competence and a good mix of experience, innovation, and compromise, gives us an advantage in our corresponding business areas contributing to our success.

We’re proud to be a part of the Iberian green coffee market since 1981, nearly the four decades of business experience and be collaborated to improve the knowledge of the green coffee, because for us, the coffee is not only our business, is our passion.

From this site, Coprocafé Ibérica wants to give the thanks to all our customers and partners than have been walked and continue walk with us in this amazing green coffee world.

We’re deeply committed to the future of coffee, and with NKG and trusted partners, we’re invested in traceable and certified coffees, as well as sustainability-focused projects that we’ve helped to implement, manage and measure. To learn more about our services, projects and all we can make possible, please contact us.


Our Objectives

What we strive for

Be first choice supplier


To be the first choice supplier to the coffee roasting industry in our markets.

Optimise quality


To optimise the quality cost ratio through blend design and coffee cupping for our customers.

Add Value


To add value to our business with customers and partners.



to promote sustainable and traceable coffees

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